Hot Sport: Intergalactic Judgement: Free Wool

The page has concept art representing much of the story for Hot Sport.  The synopsis or blurb for the book is not ready yet.

One Small Fact:  The advanced alien race known as the Hoodia have given Jetmond Thadius Sky a new mandate.  He must restore the U.S.A. to The First People.





Tandem Recruiters is a science fiction hero series developed and written by Michael Sales.

  • Ultrix: Hero Mandate: Operant Swine - Tandem Recruiters series Book 1 

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  • Grizzly Fond: Chiefdom Dominion: Epitome - Tandem Recruiters series Book 2 

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  • Hot Sport: Intergalactic Judgment: Free Wool - Tandem Recruiters series Book 3 

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