Q: How can I get an autographed book by Michael Sales?

A: Come to a book signing. There will likely be many book signings across the U.S. Summer, Fall, Winter of 2017.


Q: Will any of Michael Sales' novels be made into movies?

A: A script writer is currently developing a mini-script for Grizzly Fond to use as a sales tool with movie producers.  We have been guaranteed the opportunity to show the screenplay adaption to a five minute movie house that is essentially under Lionsgate.  The Holly Wood treatment with be ongoing if this type of story doesn't fit in with the existing budgets for specific types of films.


Q: Is Michael Sales a self-made millionaire?

A:  Michael Sales' strong desire for adventure landed him in the Army fresh out of high school. That sense of adventure led him to run over a half dozen businesses and he still continues his self employed pursuits. He has lived in Anchorage, Alaska where he went to high school and explored the giant outdoor enthusiast's playground. In the greater Seattle, Washington area he ran a window cleaning business, a taxidermy business, a land developing business, and a general contracting business. In North-Central Washington he ran a tipi dwelling retail business, a music retail business, and a freelance photography and photo editing business. Presently he has art in a couple of galleries. As a entrepreneurial venture junkie, he finds speculative science fiction writing to provide every bit of the adrenaline rush he craves.

Goodwill: $100,000

Branding:  $333,000

Annual Royalty Stream:  Undisclosed

Annual Commissions:  Undisclosed

Annual Owner's Draw:  Undisclosed