Michael Sales was an avid outdoorsman during the seven years in which he lived in Alaska. He attended college classes in Alaska, learning about fish and wildlife management, and underwent firearm training with the Alaska State Department of Fish and Game. He was an officer candidate in the US Army assigned to an Air Defense Artillery unit and completed application processes with three different federal law enforcement agencies. He has always been creative and works in many different art mediums.


He is the CEO and chief marketer of Jump Reactor Marketing (JRM). Visit JumpReactorMarket.com to see the plethora of services that JRM provides. Mr. “Sales” has been a happy client of his own firm since 1988.


Michael a Sales is also Not A General.  One rap CD at its initial release stage is now for sale on cdbaby.com.  Korea Now is the debut album.  With American ideals come Army cadence songs, true Army stories, use of humor in the rap lyrics and hooks, and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit. All artwork for this album was created by Not A General during his spare time. The work has a raw unmastered garage project sound to it. I don't want to find myself apologizing. I write my own lyrics and I'm starting to develop my own beats.


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